Our Vision


A circular economy, making secondhand first in Australia!


As passionate op shoppers, we understand that the places we visit have the most amazing range of clothing, furniture and household items which, although pre-loved, are high quality, and have stood the test of time.


We believe OpHop is not only going to bring excitement and efficiency, but also make choosing secondhand as a utility for your everyday needs much more accessible to all Aussie's, allowing the consumer to find and navigate to stores using optimized routing, and know which stores have furniture, white goods, appliances, and also where food is available to those in need, all while tracking where you've been, where you're going, and communicate with other op shoppers and stores. 

There is simply too much waste generated in this country due to cheaply made and imported products, which contain built-in obsolescence. The company manufacturing and distributing them is incentivized to operate this way, so they can maximize their profits. We are beyond thrilled to be bringing you the OpHop app, which will revolutionize the way we op shop, and ultimately drive more funding to the organizations that run the stores, enabling them to provide a greater level of assistance to those individuals and communities in need.

OpHop and Away!