What is OpHop?

OpHop is a detailed directory listing, navigation and social platform for stores and shoppers.

What features and functionality will the app provide stores?

-Your store listing, that is part of the preset route for that town or city.

-A store profile within your listing containing helpful information.
(Bio, About Us, Gallery, Opening Hours, Website and Location)

-Appear at the top of the listings, or close to, depending on
the proximity of the shopper to your store.

-Advertise products, and the categories and sub categories of goods
and help your store provides, on your profile.
(Furniture, household items, appliances, food, shelter support)

-The ability to post text and image updates to your profile for your audience.

-The ability to communicate with shoppers.

-Advertise donation preferences on your profile.

-Shoppers can add your store to their own mini hop containing their favorites.

-Promotional campaigns and standout listings for stores.

How will OpHop improve on the existing experience for shoppers?

OpHop uses a combination of routes and geo-location.
Wherever you are, OpHop will find the closest store listing to you using GPS, with that store also being part of a route with a multitude of other stores in a list. The shopper can follow that route with the tap of a button, and quickly see all store listing information, as well as communicate with the store by clicking on it.

Will OpHop be free?

Yes! OpHop will always be free for users and stores, with paid advertising models for stores to be explored down the line once we build an audience and verify effectiveness of the platform.