What kind of company is OpHop?

We are a social enterprise, with the intention of making the journey easier and more accessible, driving more traffic to op shops, and being involved on a charitable level with the organisations who run the stores.


Will OpHop be free?

Yes! OpHop will always be free for users and stores, with paid advertising models for stores to be explored down the line once we build an audience and verify effectiveness of the platform.


How will OpHop improve on existing methods of store navigation?

OpHop will use a combination of routes and geo-location. Wherever you are, OpHop will find the closest store to you using GPS, with that store also being part of a route of a multitude of other stores, and then allow you to follow that route with the tap of a button, also enabling you to track where you've been, when you went there, what you bought, and will also give you the ability to set reminders to visit your favourites again!


Will stores need to have an account on the app?

Stores won't need to have an account on the app, but our goal is to help every store in having it's own account, so that they can manage their listing and share updates of all kinds with their shoppers!